Pyeongchang 2018


The beautiful city of PyeongChang is located in the western side of the province of Gangwon-do in South Korea. Surrounded by the Taebaek mountain range in the east, Charyeong Mountian range in the southwest and the mountains Mt Gyebangsan and Mt Odaesan to the north, PyeongChang has both the climate and scenery to ensure a stunning winter games.

South Korea itself is a country steeped in tradition and history making it an exquisite place to explore. From the traditional Buchaechum dancers to modern K-pop, South Korea has something for everyone during the Winter Olympic Games. The Winter Olympic Games will take place from 9th – 25th February 2018 in two zones, the coastal zone, also called ICE and the mountain zone, also called SNOW.
  • Curling
  • Figure Skating
  • Ice Hockey I
  • Ice Hockey II
  • Short Track Speed Skating
  • Speed Skating

Alpensia Sports Park

  • Bobsleigh
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Luge
  • Nordic Combined
  • Skeleton
  • Ski Jumping
  • Snowboard Big Air

Bokwang Snow Park

  • Freestyle Skiing
  • Snowboard

Yongpyong Alpine Centre

  • Alpine Skiing Technical

Jeongseon Alpine Centre

  • Alpine Skiing

Both zones will be highly serviced by public transport provided by the Organising Committee of the Games. Details about transport will be released throughout 2017.



Kingdom Sports Group is the Authorised Ticket Reseller for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games for the territories of Kyrgyzstan, Singapore and Tonga. Residents and passport holders from these countries can order tickets and packages exclusively from Kingdom Sports Group. We secure our tickets directly from the Organising Committee of the Games. All tickets sold include an agent's commission. Where a ticket is less than US$455, a 20% agents commission is added to the ticket. Where a ticket is more than $455, a flat fee of $91 is added to the ticket. Tickets once ordered and paid in full cannot be cancelled or returned for any reason, so please ensure you review our terms of trade before placing your order.

How to Order

PHASE II (16th October 2017 onwards)

Web Page Stocklist. Click here to see the PDF



Kingdom Sports Group will be offering two different zones for accommodation for the Games.


Ice Zone Accommodation

Limited accommodation is offered in the regions of Gangneung and Donghae.

These locations are ideal for spectators that wish to stay and travel to see events including Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Curling, Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating. The area is serviced by a network of buses and a rail line with free public transport included in the sports event ticket (transport plans are operated by POCOG and subject to change).

Gangneung is the main city in the region with a population of around 230,000 people. Boutique hotels and Korean style hotels called "Pensions" are available. A pension is generally a hotel owned and run by the family that own the land, similar to a Bed and Breakfast they can be sometimes quite large with 50+ rooms. Very high in demand, Gangneung is a very popular choice for many clients that want to spend their days enjoying all the Winter Olympic Games can offer.

Donghae to the south is a coastal town of approximately 95,000 people with rail, bus and motorway connections to Gangneung. This location is perfect for those on a budget that want to attend the Games and not spend all day travelling from Seoul or other locations. Approximately 35-40 minutes south of the Olympic Park this city is well serviced and contains a variety of services to make your Olympic Games program comfortable and enjoyable.

Snow Zone Accommodation

The Berion Resort at Bokwang is the KSG Snow Zone HQ for the Olympic Games. A unique property in the heart of the PyeongChang Mountains, with different room configurations to select from, its travel times to both the Bokwang venues (less than 10 minutes) and the Jinbu Transport Hub (20 minutes) are ideal for spectators that want to experience a true Winter Games surrounded by the snow and majestic beauty of the Gangwon Province.


International flights arrive into South Korea at either Yangyang International Airport in the north east of the country or at Incheon International airport on the western coast which is the main airport most of our clients will arrive into. The addition of the new high speed railway will shorten the travel time from Incheon International airport and PyeongChang.

A new transport hub will be created at Jinbufrom where you can access the majority of the venues. The public transport plan will be operated by POCOG in partnership with the Korean Government, and more information will be release through 2017.

KSG STRONGLY RECOMMENDS TO OUR GUESTS that you do not stay in Seoul to attend the Games. We have conducted a vast amount of research in regards to the new high speed rail and its maximum capacity per day for passenger numbers.

At this stage the information we have been provided (February 2017) is that around 20,000 passengers per day will be the maximum capacity on the KTX each way. 16 trains a day will run from Incheon airport and 35 trains a day will run from Seoul Airport with an expected journey time of around 2 hours each way (to Gangneung).

With ticket holders expected to be as high as 100,000+ spectators on the busiest days, we are unsure if the KTX system will be able to cope with the anticipated passenger numbers. Although it is anticipated that around 70% of spectators traveling from Seoul will drive in the park and ride system, it will still place pressure on the KTX system unless the Organising Committee announce additional services.

View our accommodation options, we have both SNOW and ICE accommodation available.


Pyeongchang 2018 will be the 23rd Winter Olympics. There will be approximately 95 countries participating in the events, with around 6,500 Athletes and Officials as well as up to 50,000 spectators. 15 disciplines across 17 different sports will be on show. These disciplines are:

  • Alpine Skiing
  • Biathlon
  • Bobsleigh
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Curling
  • Figure skating
  • Freestlye Skiing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Luge
  • Nordic Combined
  • Short Track Speed Skating
  • Skeleton
  • Ski Jumping
  • Snowboard
  • Speed Skating

Alpine Skiing






Cross Country Skiing




Figure Skating


Free Style Skiing


Ice Hockey




Nordic Combined


Short Track Speed Skating




Ski Jumping




Speed Skating


Alpine Skiing (Giant Slalom, Slalom)

Venue: Yongpyong Alpine Centre

Athletic Facilities: 1,191M (Slalom, Giant Slalom), 538M (Snowboard Cross, Banked Slalom)

Capacity: 6000

Location: Mountain Zone


Venue: Alpensia Biathlon Centre

Athletic Facilities: 1,191M (Slalom, Giant Slalom), 538M (Snowboard Cross, Banked Slalom)

Capacity: 7,500

Location: Mountain Zone

Alpine Skiing (Downhill, Super Giant Slalom, Combined)

Venue: Jeongseon Alpine centre

Athletic Facilities: Race courses L=2,852 (men), 2,388(women), 2,217 (Super Giant Slalom)

Capacity: 6500

Location: Mountain Zone

Ice Hockey I

Venue: Gangneung Hockey Centre

Athletic Facilities: 1 side of ice rink (60 x 30m)

Capacity: 7,500

Location: Coastal Zone

Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined

Venue: Alpensia Ski Jumping Centre

Athletic Facilities: LH(125m), NH(98m), K60, K35, K15

Capacity: 13,500

Location: Mountain Zone

Bobsled, Skeleton, Luge

Venue: Alpensia Sliding Centre

Athletic Facilities: Bobsled/Skeleton 1,376.38m, Luge(men) 1,344.08m, Luge (women)/Double 1,201.82m

Capacity: 7000

Location: Mountain Zone

Speed Skating

Venue: Gangneung Oval

Athletic Facilities: 1 side of ice rink (400m double track)

Capacity: 8000

Location: Coastal Zone

Ice Hockey II

Venue: Kwangdong Hockey centre

Athletic Facilities: 1 side of rink (60 x 30m)

Capacity: 6000

Location: Coastal Zone

Cross-Country/ Nordic Combined

Venue: Alpensia Cross Country Skiing centre

Athletic Facilities: Race Course L=3.75km / 3.3km/ 2.5km/ 2km(A,B)

Capacity: 7,500

Location: Mountain Zone

Snowboarding /Freestyle Skiing

Venue: Bokwang Sports Park

Athletic Facilities: 5 sides of course

Capacity: 18,000

Location: Mountain Zone

Figure skating, Short track speed skating

Venue: Gangeung Ice Arena

Athletic Facilities: 2 sides of ice rink (60m x30m)

Capacity: 12000

Location: Coastal Zone


Venue: Gangneung Curling Centre

Athletic Facilities: 2 sides of rink, curling sheets (4 sheets)

Capacity: 3,500

Location: Coastal Zone


How can i make my payment to KSG for my invoice?

If your invoice is less than US$1,000 we will charge your nominated credit card in Australian dollars converted on the day of the transaction using the following rates If your invoice is more than US$1,000 you will need to pay into our USD account which is hosted in in Australia (please do not send AUD or any other currency as it may affect the amount that is processed by the bank). Please ensure when you send the funds that all bank fees have been taken into account. In some instances, the corresponding bank will take a fee between US$10 – US$25 if they do not have a relationship with your bank. Please discuss this with your bank before you send payment because we will only be able to record the correct amount that is received and you will need to ensure your account is closed before your ticket order is finalised.

Once i have ordered is my order confirmed?

Once you make full payment, your order is confirmed by KSG and we will issue you a closed invoice. Next year proof of residency will be required when you collect the tickets or prior to us couriering you the tickets.

How can i order more tickets?

You can order a package with tickets and accommodation as well as adding tickets into backorder. Please ensure you like us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the news.

Can i resell my tickets to someone else?

No – the tickets are for your use and for your friends and family. For the terms and conditions of sale please visit the following link.

Can i cancel my order or seek a refund if i cannot travel anymore?

No – all sales are final and no refunds are issued.

Can i order tickets from another ATR or another company claiming to have tickets and packages to the olympic games?

No – KSG is the exclusive and only athorised company that is allowed to sell in each of the territories we have been appointed. No other organisations or companies are permitted to sell tickets and packages to the Games in these locations. We caution you to ensure you do not place any order with a company making any claim that they are allowed to sell to you apart from KSG for our listed nations.

Do you offer a waitlist program?

Yes, we call it a backorder. Please review the ticketing page for more information on the backorder process.

When will i receive my tickets?

If we are sending you the tickets via a courier we anticipate you will receive the tickets a few weeks before the Games in December 2017.

Can i collect the tickets in PYEONGCHANG like we collected in LONDON, SOCHI, RIO?

Yes – KSG HQ details will be released in early 2017 and you can come and collect when you arrive in South Korea. All package clients will receive their tickets when they check in and not in advance.

Can you ship the tickets to someone else?

No – all ticket holders will have their tickets couriered to them at their nominated address at the time of placing an order

I have moved to another address in the same country how can we update the address?

You can confirm your new address directly with our ticketing team at

I have moved to another country, will you send me the tickets to this new address?

Due to the rules and regulations around the sale of tickets in territorial exclusivities, we cannot courier you tickets to an address in another country unless we have management of this country as their athorised ticket reseller. If this affects you, collection of your tickets in PyeongChang from the KSG Games Time HQ will be required, and you will need to bring proof of residency to show you had the right to order tickets at the time of placing your initial request from the original country. Tickets cannot be released to you unless these requirements are met.

I have family and friends that live in another country. Can i order tickets if they are traveling with me?

Yes conditional to you being the account holder and you reside in one of our athorised territories.

What is my legal responsibility for the tickets?

Please be aware that you are ultimately responsible for the tickets and their use. Any misuse of tickets such as selling on the black market, offloading to another person for profit, using them for promotional purpose or ambush marketing can result in cancellation of your tickets without any refund offered or paid to you.

I ordered tickets in phase 1 and i was not successful in having them allocated to me. Now you have them available, why is this the case?

Our allocations are decided by PyeongChang 2018 and they ultimately make the final decision about how and where the tickets are allocated for the international market. Sometimes NOC's, Sponsors, Sport Federations and other ATR's return tickets that they no longer need, and we can have them allocated to our account by PyeongChang 2018. Our inventory changes every 2 – 3 months so it's important to stay updated with us on Facebook and Twitter as our timeline and inventory constantly changes.

How are the prices of the tickets determined?

After the exchange rate is applied where a ticket is less than US$455 then an agent's commission of 20% is applied on top of the face value of the ticket. Where a ticket is more than US$455then a flat fee of US$91 is applied.

How can i check you are an athorised ticket reseller for PYEONGCHANG 2018?

KSG is athorised to use the ATR Logo, but you can also check on the PyeongChang 2018 website with the following instructions:

  1. ATR List & Rules: .

  2. POCOG Ticket Terms & Conditions: .

  3. These steps will show you that KSG is athorised by PyeongChang 2018 and you should report to us any illegal or athorised activity you might have come across so we can pass this onto PyeongChang 2018 should other clients not be so fortunate.

Legal - Live ticketing terms

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  • To facilitate communication with you,
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  • To make available to you through the KSG website certain services,
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KSG will not sell, trade, lend or otherwise voluntarily disclose to any third parties any personal information that you have provided to us for any purpose not identified under this Privacy Policy. KSG may share your personal information with Organising Committees or our professional advisors or otherwise for legitimate and reasonable purposes In certain circumstances, KSG may disclose your personal information to a government institution that has asserted its lawful authority to obtain the information or where we have reasonable grounds to believe the information could be used in the investigation of an unlawful activity, or to comply with a subpoena or warrant or an order made by a court, person or body with jurisdiction to compel production of information or to comply with court rules regarding a production of records and information, or to our own legal counsel. When you provide KSG with your personal information, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for these purposes in accordance with the principles that are outlined in the Privacy Policy. If you have given us your consent, you may at any time withdraw your consent upon giving us reasonable notice.

E-mail list

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How do we protect your personal information

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Contacting us about your privacy

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Live Ticketing Terms
  1. Residents of the territories authorised by the Organising Committees of the specific sporting events are able to purchase tickets for use by those persons during the events only through Kingdom Sports Group's (KSG's) website. All purchasers will be required to prove actual residency in those authorised territories in order to buy and receive tickets.  Purchasers must not resell (or otherwise deal with) any tickets for profit or gain or to any unathorised person or entity including but not limited to scalpers, touts or black market resellers.   Where such tickets are suspected to have been sold, used or otherwise dealt with in breach of the Organising Committee's rules and regulations and terms and conditions of ticket use, such tickets may be cancelled immediately without notice to the purchaser and the purchaser shall have no claim at either law or in equity against any of KSG, the Organising Committee, the International Olympic Committee ("IOC"), or their respective servants or agents in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever whensoever arising out of or incidental to such cancellation.
  2. All tickets are offered and sold expressly on the basis that the Purchaser has firstly read and agrees to strictly abide and be bound by both KSG's and the Organising Committee's respective Terms and Conditions of Sale and use of each ticket and by proceeding to purchase a ticket or tickets from KSG the purchaser irrevocably acknowledges and agrees that the purchaser has so read and unconditionally accepts and shall be fully and legally bound by all such terms and conditions.
  3. Travel Agents, wholesalers, or any other third party agencies may NOT submit Ticket Orders on behalf of individuals or groups.  KSG reserves the right to cancel, in its sole and absolute discretion any such Ticket Orders at anytime where KSG believes such Ticket orders do not strictly comply with theOrganising Committee's ticketing rules and regulations. KSG will NOT sell to unathorised residents or non-residents under any circumstances.
  4. Individual Tickets are sold from an available inventory on a first-come, first-served basis when there is immediate confirmation and payment processing.
  5. There are quantity limitations for individual session tickets. Such limitations will be specified when the ticket sales go live on-line. There will also be a limitation on the number of tickets that can be purchased per individual person as advised on the KSG website.
  6. All ticket purchases are strictly subject to the ticket's pricing information and ticket availability and the Terms and Conditions relating to such tickets as set out fully on KSG's website.
  7. The specified Price Category means the assigned ticket price corresponding to a designated seating section for a particular session of a sporting event at a specific Venue. The prices vary from session to session and from Venue to Venue.   Category AA (where available) or category A represents the best seats in a Venue and therefore has the highest price, Category B the second best seats and second highest price, and so forth in descending order alphabetically.  KSG makes no express or implied warranty or representation as to the quality or location of seating, views, event proximity or aspect in or at any venue.
  8. When choosing Events, you should make sure there is no overlap in time, and allow at least two to three (2-3) hours between Events on the same day. Several Venues are spread throughout the cities, so when booking tickets the purchaser is solely responsible for ensuring that the purchaser and the purchaser's party have allowed adequate travel time between Venues and have allowed for any other unforeseen delays.
  9. Invoices will be raised in the Organising Games' host country's currency and/or US Dollars and/or the territory's local currency as may be applicable.  All exchange rates shall be in accordance with the relevant policies of the host Organising Committee.  Payments made via direct deposit will be made in such currency as KSG shall direct, in accordance with the host Organising Committee's invoicing and currency policies.  Such payments will be charged in Australian Dollars or such other currency as permitted by the host Organising Committee, for payments via credit card. There shall be a credit card processing fee of 2.5% on all charges paid by credit card. VISA is our preferred credit card. Please note that your credit card will be charged upon confirmation by KSG of your order, and not at a later time.  If the credit card entered is not valid or is declined, your ticket order will immediately be cancelled without notice of any kind, and you have no claim against KSG by reason of such cancellation.
  10. All tickets will be shipped or made available for collection for an extra fee per ticket order, which fee is payable in addition to the cost of the tickets. Shipments will only be sent to the successful ticket purchasers after ticket collection by KSG from the Organising Committee in the host country. Please ensure that you give full and  correct address details with correct numbers and spelling as KSG will not be liable for any non-delivery arising out of any misdescribed or false name and/or address for delivery of tickets. P.O. Boxes are NOT acceptable. The address provided must be a real street address where a person over the age of 18 years is present to accept and sign for delivery.
  11. Seating requests between separate Orders cannot be processed. Seat locations will not be known in advance of actual allocation of Tickets, and KSG makes no warranty or representation as to actual seat numbers to be allocated or seating locations within the event venue.
  12. A Ticket Purchase Confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail upon processing of your order. This will confirm the Tickets purchased and the total price of those tickets inclusive of shipping.
  13. Once a Ticket Purchase Confirmation is issued, the ticket order is final and is non-cancellable and non-refundable, and remains strictly subject to the Terms and Conditions of sale and use.  Purchasers are strongly advised to ensure that they have and at all times maintain full and comprehensive travel insurance in respect of all aspects of their proposed travel to the Games including in respect of lost or stolen or damaged tickets, which cannot be replaced at any time.
  14. All communication regarding the account will be emailed to the purchaser only. The Purchaser is responsible for keeping KSG fully informed of any changes to the billing, contact, and shipment details provided.
  15. You will have 30 minutes to complete your ticket order. Once submitted your ticket order is FINAL and cannot be modified. All ticket sales are subject to all such rules and regulations as prescribed by each Organising Committee from time to time.